My work focuses on two broad themes: one, cities and how they relate to the natural world and, two, the future of publishing and science journalism. I explore both topics on my blog Per Square Mile, where I dive into scientific research and experiment with ways to tell long stories in brief installments.

For NOVA, where I am senior digital editor and founding editor of NOVA Next, I write frequently, read even more, and think particularly hard about where science journalism is headed.

If you're interested in having me speak, send me a note.

Past Appearances

August 16, 2013
Science Friday
Hyperloop: Hype or Future Transportation?
Radio interview

August 16, 2013
PRI's The World
Is Hyperloop the Future of Travel?
Radio interview

February 26, 2013
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Environment 150: Environmental Communications in the Anthropocene
Invited interview

February 20, 2013
Sarah Lawrence College, Yonkers, NY
Paved, Poor, and Crowded: The Future of the World's Cities
Invited talk

September 20, 2012
A new way to measure income inequality
Radio interview

June 14, 2012
The Takeaway
Income Inequality, As Seen from the Tree Tops
Radio interview

July 12, 2012
Boston Public Radio
Greening the City
Radio interview

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